April 17th at DMEA in Montrose 7PM

The 3rd Thursday of the month


We will have Barry Nehring a GGA Board member.  Barry will present “Breaking the Life Cycle of Whirling Disease: Where and How It Can be Done”.

We will also have Dan Kowalski, Aquatic Research Scientist, Colorado Parks and Wildlife will give us and update on the recent tagging in the East Portal that GGA was a part of. Good time for some questions and answers.

We will have coffee and treats.  I hope to see you there.

Hofer caught by Ed Kehoe, notice missing adipose fin.






I hope you have been getting out and enjoying our weather and doing some fishing. I’ve heard of some wonderful fishing so far.
The Relief Ditch Project has been completed and signed off and is now in the hands of the ditch company. I want to thank GGA members, Marshall Pendergrass, George Osborn and Cary Denison of the Relief Ditch Project management Committee
for all their hard work in getting this major project finished. Our next major project will be in Telluride. I have a related article that will tell you what is going to happen and when later in the Newsletter.

We have some events coming up and will need your help, so please get involved with your club and come enjoy the events with other members of our club. This year everyone that helps with a project this year, will get their name put in the hat for the drawing when we do our river cleanup in August for the Super Fly that takes place in Sept. If your name is drawn you will get to go, if you wish. The club will sponsor a team entry. This is your chance to help with an event, have fun doing it and get your name in the drawing.
I want to thank Gale Doudy for giving a great presentation on our trip to Montana at our last meeting. We do have some fun.
Our next meeting is April 17th and I hope to see you there.
By the way, the East Portal is Open….time to go fishing!
Ed Kehoe



"Breaking the Life Cycle of Whirling Disease: Where and How It Can be Done"

Here is some information on Barry Nehring's program at our next meeting April 17th. 

One of the places that was part of this effort was Placer Creek in the San Luis Valley.  This is a Rio Grande cutthroat trout core conservation stream, where we have already broken the life cycle of the parasite (as of 2013) after a 10  year effort. Rio Grande cutthroats are re-established in this system and
 the stream is cleansed of the parasite.

        Come to the meeting and find out how it was done and ask Barry some questions.



Dan Kowalski, Aquatic Research Scientist with the Colorado Parks and Wildlife, and long time friend of GGA, will be our second guest speaker. He will give us an update on the 700-800 tagged fish they just got done with. This is one the projects that GGA sponsored. This is a chance for you to ask someone that knows what is going on with the fish in our rivers.








            Here are some of the upcoming events; we have more, just no dates yet.  As I get the information I will post them in our newsletter.

 If you would like to help with any of these, or have any questions,

let me know.  Just want to let you know, so far we have not had one person volunteer for any of these events. Remember, you volunteer and your name goes in the hat for the Super Fly in the fall. Thank you.


Ed Kehoe




This is helping our wounded vets fishing.  Start time is 8am meeting at Pa Co Chu Puk, bring your fishing gear.


       This is a fly tying class for a group of 8 students. We need tiers that can help with tying or be able to instruct tying. This is an evening class from 4pm to    6pm. Student are 10 to 16 years old.


This will be two days teaching fly casting, fly tying for 4th graders. Start time will be 8am for set up. 


        This is a fly tying class for a group of 8 students. We need tiers that can help with tying or be able to instruct tying. This is an evening class from 4pm to    6pm. Student are 10 to 16 years old.


This will be fly tying at the school. Meet at the school at 8am.


This will be fishing on private ponds with the kids.  Be at Sunshine Springs by 9am.  Bring your fishing gear.


This will be fly casting, fly tying for youth and adults. Start time setup 8am at Confluence Lake behind Heddles.


        We will have a booth and teach fly casting.  Start time setup 8am






Hello Volunteers, 


This is a great opportunity to participate in a fun, exciting trail building weekend. The BLM, Ridgway State Parks, Volunteers of Colorado, Ridgway Area Trails (R.A.T. group), COPMOBA and more local support have teamed up to offer a weekend of trail building, friendship and fun! 


If you have never done a VOC event before, this is a great opportunity in your backyard. Free camping and food! 


May 10th and 11th near Ridgway State Park


Please see the following link for more information and how to sign up through VOC:

More info on Ridgway Trails Project


If you have any questions, please give me a call, 

Emily Hoerner

Volunteer/Visitor Services Coordinator

Montrose Public Lands Center

2465 S. Townsend Ave., Montrose, CO 81401

(970) 240-5308




The Upper Colorado Is Back!


To All My Fishing Friends,

  I'm pleased to announce, the Colorado River flowing past the stretch I float is running clear and ice-free!

  It’s been an unusually snowy winter this year, and as a result the ice rink that I try to make every winter out on the ice never really came together.  For about two weeks I managed to have an area about three hundred feet long and twenty wide cleared off, but it was riddled with cracks that led to some spectacular pratfalls. But now that's all a distant memory, and the river is back to being just that, a clear healthy river full of fish that are ready to start putting on the pounds.

  How long the river will look as good as it does will depend on how river manager’s upstream deal with the snowpack we're sitting on, which is 125% of average.  The rains we had last fall left the reservoirs in good shape and mostly full, but when the snow starts to melt it will have to go somewhere. The closest parallel to what we have now is where we were at in the spring of 2011, when water got released early to make room for melting snow.  That spring the river was also in great shape for 2-3 weeks, but then they starting releasing water early and it pretty much washed out our spring fishing.  That spring, the peak flow was 12,000 cfs (5,000 cfs is about "normal") and it wasn't until July that we could even float the river with rods in hand again.  Of course that year was a bit of an anomaly, but if it snows and rains like it did last year then we are in for a big, long runoff. 

  So if you've been itching to get your Upper C on, you may want to come up here in the next couple of weeks, for it may be a short window.  Last year we saw lots of the Hofer rainbows the CPW released here in the fall of 2012, and they should be some big, active fish now. The brown trout can be a bit lethargic this time of year, but the bows should more than make up for that.

  Once the river rises and goes off-color, I'll let you all know, and that will probably be the last email newsletter I'll clog your Inbox with until the run-off ends.  Until then, I hope that everyone has a great spring and that I get to see most of you sometime in 2014!


Jack Bombardier
14503 Colorado River Road
Eagle County, CO 81637


Jack is a long time supporter of GGA and a friend to many.






GGA has been investigating the past few months the restoration of the
San Miguel River in Telluride's Valley Floor. The first phase of the
project is about to kick-off as explained in the e-mail below from
Lance McDonald who works for the Town of Telluride and is the
coordinator for the Valley Floor Project.
GGA & TU will be a partner in this project
and join the Town of Telluride, the Valley Floor Preservation
Partnership (non-profit) and Patagonia as the sponsors and
coordinating committee for this first phase. The overall program is
one that I believe Colorado TU and national TU will support and use
for good PR and fund raising in the future. We will also apply to International Federation of Flyfishers for some funding.

The Valley Floor Restoration Project would be the theme for our annual
Troutapalooza fund raising event in July and because of the local
nature of the project. The Town and Valley Floor Preservation Partnership have committed $15,000 each to the project and have asked GGA and Patagonia for $5000 each for a total of $40,000 to use for contracting a preliminary design for Reach 1 which is the first 1.5 miles of river immediately to the west of town. This
is the section that is currently 1/2 mile of straight channel that was
done when they built the railroad.
Our key GGA & TU people that will be involved in the project in the
Telluride area are Richard Arnold (GGA board member), Chris Chafin and
Steve Ciechieu local TU members and contributors, John Duncan (Telluride Outside), David Allen (previous GGA board member and now state Patagonia rep)
and Marshll Pendergrass (CTU Vice President and GGA member)

The following is the full plan for this project with a Map.

"A high priority project for 2014 is to obtain grant funding for
developing a Preliminary Restoration Plan for the Reach 1 of the San
Miguel River. This reach extends approximately from Entrada west to
Boomerang Rd. (see Attached Map). The Preliminary Plan would provide
the design and initial engineering for restoring the River to its
historic channel on this portion of the Valley Floor, identify short-
and long-term ecological impacts and benefits, provide costs
estimates, and could be used as the basis for permit applications to
the Army Corps of Engineers and other jurisdictions having authority
over future restoration work. The Preliminary Plan could also be used
to solicit grant funding for the project's physical implementation if
there is a desire to proceed with construction."
A more specific description of the project is outlined in the Valley
Open Space Trails and Conceptual Stream Restoration Plan as excerpted
below. Note some the specifics (i.e. the exact number of bend pools,
etc.) therein will likely change through development of a Preliminary
"The most extensive and important stream restoration is planned in
Reach 1.  Restoration of this reach includes realigning the existing
straight channel into a meandering alignment north of the railroad
grade. The San Miguel River will be returned to a historic stream
channel alignment which will be reconstructed to include optimal
aquatic habitat. In total approximately 5,800 linear feet of restored
stream will be created in Reach 1. Thirty-two bend pool complexes will
be constructed within this reach providing significant habitat
enhancements. Instream bend/pool features will be created in both the
realigned stream section and the portions of Reach 1 that will remain
in its existing alignment.
Riparian vegetation will be improved throughout Reach 1 in two
manners. First, existing vegetation along the proposed stream
alignment will be revegetated with appropriate grass, shrub and tree
species. Planting areas will be focused on areas that provide bank
stability, fill in voids in the existing vegetation cover and provide
stream shading and overhead cover. A total of approximately 6.4 acres
of revegetation is planned along the new stream corridor.
Additionally, the existing straight channel section will be graded and
converted to a riparian area after the new stream is constructed. This
work includes grading approximately 3,700 linear feet of the existing
channel and revegetation of approximately 3 acres.
Restoration in Reach 1 requires that the stream cross the existing
railroad grade and sewer line in two locations, one at the upstream
end of the reach and one downstream. These crossings will be
accomplished by locally breaching the railroad grade. In the areas
where crossings are planned, the stream elevation is above the sewer
line. Sewer line crossings will be made by replacing the existing
sewer line with new pipe, encasing the pipe in both steel and concrete
and routing the stream over the modified sewer line. Required
clearances will need to be maintained between the sewer line and the
San Miguel River.
An important consideration for Reach 1 improvements is limiting
impacts to existing high quality areas. The proposed stream alignment
fits well in the relic channel in terms of the planned stream width
and planned stream elevation, both of which minimize required
excavation. As part of the final design, location specific
modifications will be required when laying out stream banks and
tie-ins to minimize the disturbance footprint. Mature vegetation
including existing spruce trees should be avoided and protected where
  In terms of schedule, our general goal would to be have
this planning project underway by the summer, with completion by next






Goin back in time to 2008


Marilyn Pipkin on a float with Ed Kehoe. Kirk Fry Gillies for Gale Doudy upper Gunnison by Almont


Andy Mehan (not going to let this one get away) Dave Pipkin climbing to get his "lure"


Dave go his "lure" and went back to fishing. Notice rod! Joel Evans admires catch.


Joel Evans praying for bigger catch. Gale Doudy has camera ready. Kurt Zelazny ice fishing with fly rod on Grand Mesa.


Rob Bradshaw fishing Fall Creek during a hatch.









































































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